Nazi Robot
Heroes Stop Nazi Robot
Overview: Robot attacks Brooklyn Bridge, under construction, foiled by heroes
OOC Contact: Captain America

BROOKLYN (AP) — Just a week after the Brooklyn Bridge was destroyed by a giant radioactive dinosaur, the still under construction link between Manhattan and its namesake borough was manaced by a giant flying doomsday machine. Rising from the bottom of the East River, the manta ray-shaped monstrosity cast a shadow over a third of the bridge and began firing explosivie missiles from its segmented tail at boats on the water. In addition, energy beams streamed from the eyes of a fifty foot tall skull mounted on its back.

Fortunately for the city, and unfortunately for what is being called a WWII 'Sleeper' robot, Moon Maiden, Wonder Woman, and Captain America were on hand. While The Girl Who Lives on the Moon, and the Warrior Princess began dismantling the warbot, the Sentiel of Liberty took to sabatoging it. He was nearly flung off it into the river [,Redact by SHIELD begins] but was rescued by a woman in black using a swingline [Redact by SHIELD ends]. Eventually the [Redact by SHIELD begins] four [Redact by SHIELD ends] three heroes succeeded in destroying and sinking it, after it subjected the nearby populace to a rendition of Ride of the Valkyries. Moon Maiden further kept missiles from raining down onto the immediate riverfront property.

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