Mystery Crash
Mystery Crash in Centennial Park
Overview: Crash in Centennial Park rumored to be 'advanced non-military aircraft'
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Some seventy-two hours after the dramatic crash landing of what authorities are currently calling an 'advanced non-military aircraft' in Centennial Park, sources within both the DEO and Special Crimes Unit have indicated that neither organization is any closer to determining the existence of any survivors or confirming the remains of any passengers. Neither the DEO or SCU have released any official statements as to the origins of the craft beyond its status as a non-military vehicle, amidst simmering speculation.

(( Insert a few pictures of the wreckage from different angles: the worst of the damage damage was to the front end and bottom, with the largely intact back end jutting up from the crater the violently descending craft drilled into the ground. It seems to be composed primarily of lots of interlocking green plates, several of which sport dents and scorch marks. It is - or perhaps was, in its better days - faintly ovoid in shape, insectoid in design, and probably could've seated two to three people, judging from its size. ))

Both organizations have, however, cautioned Metropolitans to be on alert until the status of the craft's passengers can be confirmed. Residents of the Oldtown, Lowtown, and Southside/"Suicide Slum" neighborhoods in particular have been instructed to contact the authorities should they spot any suspicious activity in their vicinities.

The crash site has since been cleaned, rigorously tested, and deemed safe for public use; both the DEO and SCU have taken custody of various pieces of the mysterious craft for analysis. Sources within the SCU say that the Unit has begun reaching out to local and outside experts in a wide range of fields for assistance.

(( OOC: If you have any questions or want to do any investigating, feel free to get in touch! ))

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