Mint Robbery
Manhattan Mint Robbery
Overview: Mint Robbered - Justice League dealt with the incident
OOC Contact: Power Woman, Miss Marvel, The Flash, or Kyani

07/07/2014 - The citizens of the fair City of New York have at times heard all manner of rumors about what goes on beneath their city streets. Sunday afternoon, one of those rumors long held to be false was proven true despite all seeming logic to the contrary: There apparently is - or at least was - a secret Federal government mint operating in a pair of subbasement levels of a structure in the financial district of Lower Manhattan. At this time, no spokesperson has come forward to confirm this or explain the nature of the work done there. However, several eyewitnesses confirm that the facility exists, and that it was apparently robbed by a mysterious swarm of identically golden-suited speedsters.

A representative for the Justice League revealed that at least two of their members - Power Woman, and Miss Marvel - were present in dealing with the incident. Two more individuals were spotted, including one witnesses swear was The Flash, the heroine once known as Hummingbird. Witnesses also state that another speedster - believed to be an African American man - was also present and assisted the better-known heroes.

Apparently, a volume of cash was stolen, as well as quantities of various precious metals and even gems. No government spokesperson will go on record regarding the facility, its purpose, or any estimates of how much was stolen.

Most apalling, despite the heroes having successfully rescued all of the staffers and seemingly having neutralized all of the golden-suited speedsters, none of the money was recovered. Indeed, it appears that all of the golden speedsters were - despite best intentions otherwise - slain by the actions of the heroes, and reduced thereafter to bubbling puddles of golden goo. Again, no spokesperson was willing to go on record as to how this could be possible, or what might have been discovered thus far in the analysis of these strange remains.

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