Jack the Meteor
Out of the Frying Pan
Overview: Pod containing deadly virus stopped by heroes in Metropolis
OOC Contact: Jack Flag.

08/19/2014 - Disaster was avoided in the central business district today as an object fell from the sky. The object, later identified as some sort of space vessel, was stopped by Power Woman, Stargirl and two other heroes. As the vessel plummeted and was engaged by the heroines, attack drones were seemingly deployed. Power Woman worked to stopped the vessel while it fell, assisted by an unknown hero that used tornadoes to help buffer the fall. One heroine and Stargirl worked to stop the robots. The unidentified heroine falling with one and taking blunt force nuclear trauma/injuries in the process, she saved the surrounding area from much more damage. Stargirl harassed and guided the other robot into Power Woman's laser vision, destroying it. A hailstorm of metal was released from this devastation, the tornado hero used his tornado to catch/stop the failing metal bits.

However the crisis wasn't over, the pod was never 'opened' for fear of a contaminant. CDC, DEO, and SCU were all notified of the need to contain the pod and its contents. Crews worked into the night to contain whatever was inside of it, the pod eventually moved from the business district to an undisclosed location.

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