Marvel Girl NY
Marvel Girl Saves New Yorkers
Overview: Marvel Girl saves construction workers from Spider-Man
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(On the DBNC news network, website, and newspaper the following story runs with varying depth.)


Today in Lower Midtown Manhattan, the Justice League Member Marvel Girl was responsible for saving the lives of seven of the city's construction workers from the wild and dangerous escapades of Spider-Man. It was during one of his daredevil parkour exhibitions that Spider-Man attempted to utilize a skyline crane. The load held by the crane fell and almost crushed the construction workers were it not for the timely arrival of Marvel Girl who promptly showed up and extracted the menace from the situation he had created himself.

The crowd turned on Spider-Man as he confronted their savior Marvel Girl. The following was captured by an eyewitness:

« A shaky camera video shows Spidey standing in front of the angry crowd pointing angrily and then he says quite clearly. "I don't have to explain myself to you people!" »

The NYPD has issued a warrant for Spider-Man's arrest.

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