Mall Brawl
Mall Brawl
Overview: Brawl in Salem Mall involving Miss Marvel and Bombshell?
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6.3.2014 - The normally peaceful shopping atmosphere of the Salem Mall in Salem Center, NY was interupted today by what witnesses describe as a brief brawl between two costumed metahumans and three men with high tech weapons.

Eye witness accounts put new heroine Miss Marvel on the scene along with a younger woman some on the internet have taken to calling 'the Bomb' or 'Bombshell' or 'Explosion Lass'. They engaged in combat with and defeated three men who used flying motorcycles and ray guns. Two of the tree assailants were captured and turned over to the authorities where, for some reason, they committed suicide using cyanid capsules hidden in false teeth. Authorities say their bodies melted into some sort of goo once death set in.

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