Magneto Address
Magneto Addresses World
Overview: Public Address by Magneto - head of new Genoshan government
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5/20/2014 - Maxwell Eisenhardt, also known as Magneto, addressed the world today in an hour long presentation that was broadcast via Genoshan state television and streamed live on the internet. Excerpts from the speech are below:

"Ladies and gentlemen of the planet Earth, my name is Maxwell Eisenhardt and I am announcing that Genosha has a new government - a transitional one - of which I am the head.
"When I was a boy I exhibited my metahuman abilities. The Nazis found me. HYDRA found me. They put me in a camp with others and they experimented on me. They tortured me. It was the Americans that freed me, led by Captain America. I learned, that day, that the belief in liberty required action. I learned from Captain America that evil must be battled actively and wish passion or else evil will win. So, when I learned that metahumans were being enslaved in Genosha I took action. The governments of the world would not act so I did.
"Please be aware I took every effort to make this a peaceful coup. As Power Woman will attest my forces went out of their way to avoid bloodshed and the destruction of infrastructure. We moved swiftly and decisively and now a murderous, torturing regime engaging in crimes against humanity has been deposed.
"And so, my first act as head of the Genoshan transitional government is to reassure the world that this will be a land of peace and democracy. We intend to hold elections in one year's time and we invite the United Nations to oversee them to ensure they are free and fair. We invite the International Red Cross to come here immediately to tend to our prisoners. Once the Red Cross has ensured that the prisoners are safe and healthy we intend to turn them over to the International Criminal Court for prosecution and will cooperate fully with the Court's investigations.
"Furthermore, no current Genoshan citizen who is not imprisoned for crimes against humanity will be forced to take part in our new government. Transport will be provided to them to any country they desire. Any Genoshan who wishes to remain and help build a country in which all people are equal is welcomed with open arms. Any metahuman who fears prosecution in their own country will be welcomed as well. We will not tolerate criminals fleeing their homelands but we will offer asylum and potentially citizenship to any metahuman who believes they are in danger in their homeland. There are those metahuman heroes out there who may worry this will become a nation of unbalanced power. I invite any such hero to come speak to me personally and to potentially join us as a citizen of Genosha and a member of the government.
"Make no mistake. We will be a peaceful nation but we will not be a weak one. We will not tolerate any attempt to restore the old regime. We will defend ourselves from outside aggression as is the right of any nation.
"Within the next few weeks the new Genosha will be sending represenatives to the Pan-African Union and the United Nations."

Eisenhardt went on to outline a plan for the restoration of Genoshan services and government functions. He invited the Secretary-General of the United Nations to visit Genosha to discuss any concerns the world community might have and invited SHIELD to establish a branch office in the Genoshan capital.

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