Mafia Murders
Grisly Mafia/Gang Murders
Overview: Major Arms Deal Disrupted in Gotham
OOC Contact: Huntress

GCPD have been tight lipped about the events taking place down at the Port of Gotham warehouses last week. Either they know more than they want to admit or they're baffled. What is known is that an apparent arms deal between known Mafioso Tomas "Tommy" Capretti and what was considered a street gang on the rise known as the O.P. after the small Orchard Park projects of Gotham's inner city.

Sources that spoke on condition that they would not be identified because they did not have approval to discuss the investigation say that the O.P. members were all incapacitated, many had burst ear drums from some loud noise or explosion while most of Capretti's men were killed by what appeared to be crossbow bolts. Capretti himself was shot in both thighs and managed to crawl some fifty yards outside of the warehouse where he was apparently tracked down and shot in the throat with another bolt. A phonecall was made from his cellphone to 911 services alerting authorities to the crime. The source went on to note that the caller was female. GCPD apparently has no other clues.

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