Slasher Dead
Mad Slasher Found Dead
Overview: Serial Killer, Mad Slahser, found dead after weeks of terror
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4/2/2014 - The Mad Slasher, a serial killer who terrorized the streets of the Lower East Side for weeks, has been found dead according to NYPD. An NYPD spokesperson states that a tip from "an intelligence agency with whom NYPD has formed a relationship with" led to the apartment of one Raymond Anthony Mater. Mater was found dead on the scene, apparently as a result of slashing his own throat. Documentation in the apartment confirm for the police that Mater was the serial killer known as the Mad Slasher.

According to a neighbor in the building, Mater was a robotics expert fired from his position at LexCorp several months ago. When asked what the apartment was like, the neighbor said, "Filled with gizmos and books. That guy was a nut. Loved his Ayn Rand."

Police have no further comments at this time.

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