LexCorp Contract
LexCorp Gets MetroTech Contract
Overview: Alien Tech stuy contract awarded to LexCorp - scientific community upset
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5.23.2014 - There was an upset in the field of scientific research today when the government of Metropolis took away the contract for the study of the alien technology that powers the city of tomorrow away from not-for-profit STAR Labs and awarded it to LexCorp. A spokesperson for the mayor announced safety concerns as criminals have twice now stolen key MetroTech technology from STAR Labs. Only the intervention of local heroine Power Woman, new hero Green Lantern and members of the Justice League kept the technology out of villainous hands.

MetroTech is the name commonly ascribed to the alien technology that was fused with the city of Metropolis two years ago after a fierce battle between Power Woman and an alien robot known only as Brainiac. The technology, which only works inside the Metropolis city limits, truly turns it into a city of tomorrow with such marvels as flying cars, sonic showers, matter replicators, stasis field food storage, and robotic repair drones. STAR Labs was studying the technology in the hopes of discovering how it worked and possibly expanding the technology to the rest of the country. That job will now fall to LexCorp.

A spokesperson for LexCorp applauded the city's decision and stated that they hope to crack the secret of MetroTech so that it may benefit all mankind. STAR Labs did not respond to a request for comment.

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