Kates Conquest
Kate Kane's Latest Conquest?
Overview: Kate Kane spotted with Karen Starr at Federal Contracts Expo
OOC Contact: Kate Kane or Karen Starr

08/11/2014 - Debutante, society darling and noted party girl Katherine 'Kate' Kane was spotted at the Federal Contracted Suppliers Expo opening ball at Hamilton Towers. The Expo, hosted by Catherine Hamilton Kane and others, was opened with a formal social reception. While in attendance, Kate Kane was spotted talking with young Metropolis University science phenom Karen Starr, noted for having already founded her own tech company, StarrWare Incorporated, a presenter for the Expo for the first time this year. Witnesses and photographs indicate that the lovely young ladies then spent a good while alone on one of the attached balconies, engaged in what was described as very intimate conversation. Speculation is rampant that the previously very private Ms. Starr may have been swept off her feet by the notorious Kane.

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