Justice League
Heroes Assemble to Form Justice League
Overview: Themysciran Embassy announces formation of Justice Leage
OOC Contact: Diana or Justice League Members

At a press conference held at the Themysciran Embassy today, Princess Diana of Themyscira joined an impressive collection of heroes to announce the formation of the Justice League, a spiritual successor to the Justice Society of America. "Today, I am honored to stand with these brave companions to celebrate the beginning of a new group to fight for peace and freedom for all mankind." Princess Diana continued with a basic outline of the purpose of the League. "The League is not affiliated with any one nation or government; even though I am a part of it, there is no affiliation with Themyscira. We have however, secured certain approval from the General Assembly of the United Nations to act as an international peace-keeping group, involved only in cases that conventional authorities are unable to deal with. This includes incidents such as invasion by an extraterrestrial foe. We will respect the rights and laws of each nation granting us this charter, and will also respect the rights of each nation to refuse our help. We act only as an aid to local and national law enforcement agencies, turning over all suspects to face trial according to the laws of that nation."

The assembled heroes included known legends such are Captain America and Power Woman, as well as recent heroes such as Moon Maiden and Marvel Girl. Tony Stark has also been named as both a member and one of the financial backers of the group. Princess Diana is also using her resources to fund the Leaguess activities.

The question of the Genosha situation was raised by reporters at the event, with Princess Diana only saying, "The League is monitoring the actions taken in Genosha, but will remain uninvolved except for any requested humanitarian aid. If abuses by either side, metahuman or human, come to light and the UN authorizes it's own forces to become involved to end those abuses, the League would then act appropriately if it has the support of the UN. We oppose and condemn the use of violence to settle a nation's internal matters, but recognize that Genosha is still a sovereign nation, regardless of which regime is in control."

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