Island Saved - JL
Justice League Saves Island
Overview: Island of Suerto saved by Justice League
OOC Contact: Winsome or Justice League members

5.22.2014 - An earthquake in the Atlantic ocean triggered a tsunami today. While the giant wave lost power before reaching most Carribean islands or Europe it did have enough power to threaten the small resort island of Isla Suerto. The crisis was averted when the Justice League arrived on the scene. While the Moon Maiden temporarily held back the wave, witnesses say four other heroines: Power Woman, Wonder Woman, Marvel Girl and new heroine Miss Marvel evacuated the small island's entire population into one of the local resort homes and then carried it to safety on Barbados. The Red Cross and United Nations have pledged to help the refugees but reports are that most of it not all the infrastructure of Isla Suerto was destroyed. The Secretary General thanked the members of the Justice League and said this was vindication of the United Nations controversial decision to ratify the League's charter.

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