JL Food Drive
JL Food Drive Attacked
Overview: Justice League holiday food drive attacked, statements issued
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An ongoing charitable effort by the Justice League, with food drives and charitable donations across the country this holiday season was interrupted at the Brooklyn Hazelton Mall Tuesday afternoon, when three unmarked vans charged into the parking lot and disgorged a number of unmarked, unidentified gunmen in military-style fatigues but no insignia, wielding what witnesses describe as 'wicked-looking advanced assault rifles of some kind.'

The charitable drive included a gathered crowd of hundreds of civilians, including a large number of children, all present to get picturs taken and autographs from two of the League's heavy hitters, Power Woman and Miss Marvel. The heroines were decidedly not aggressive towards the assault force, and acted to stand down and talk rather than create conflict to endanger the civilians.

Recordings of the incident make clear that the soldiers were accusing the Justice League of kidnapping an unnamed leader of their organization, which they declared was a 'legally authorized organization of the government.' Power Woman is heard in the same recordings to declare that the unnamed individual in question was only seized as part of an evacuation, and had he been duly authorized, that he would have been delivered to the President at the time of the incident.

The incident did boil over into a brief conflict, with two other heroes - the Brit's own Black Knight, and a glowing winged woman others have named 'Angelus' - participating. Whatever weapons the attackers were using, they managed to disable three of the four heroes present, and took Miss Marvel and Power Woman into custody, herding them away in their vans as they departed. No civilians were harmed. A statement released by Ms. Pepper Potts indicates that the League still managed to gather over thirty-five tons of foodstuffs for distribution, and over four hundred thousand dollars which will be used to help at-risk and needy families and individuals during this holiday season. Ms. Potts also declared that this incident will not be allowed to end the charity drive, and that all dates will be honored by other members of the League, although additional security measures will be in place.

The Justice League's chairwoman delivered a statement on the incident, before heading into a meeting of the UN Security Council, and it is believed then fielded a meeting with the President of the United States.

"The Justice League's charter makes absolutely clear that the League and all active members will respect the authority of the law of the land and those appointed with that authority. The group in question is not legally authorized by any nation on Earth, and can be conclusively tied to the kidnapping and systematic torture and experimentation on numerous teenagers, all citizens of the United States. The League will continue to investigate this case, and will bring the parties involved to justice, including facing charges in the appropriate courts. In the meantime, let it be known that the Justice League does not and shall not negotiate with terrorists. Those holding Miss Marvel in custody are warned that we will do whatever is necessary to effect her release, and whatever harm they are their properties suffer in that effort is entirely their own fault."

There has been no word yet on a response from the UN or the US Government regarding this incident or the League's statements.

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