Island Gone
Howland Island Gone
Overview: Australian charter pilot discovers Howland Island no longer there
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4/14/2014 - An Australian charter plane pilot was startled today when he took clients to "Howland Island", the supposed final resting place of famed female pilot Amelia Earthart.

"We was flying over the island like I've done a million times. Showing off the island to the tourists. But, it wasn't there! At first I thought we was just lost but I double checked and we were in the right place. But the island was gone!"

Since Howland Island is part of the Howland Island National Wildlife Refuge, protected by the United States, a nearby US Navy cruiser was dispatched to the scene.

"We can confirm that Howland Island only seems to be gone." A spokesperson for the Navy said, "However, what happened was some sort of event struck the island and, for lack of a better word, broke it. As a result, the island is now mostly submerged."

The official refused to speculate what might have "broken" the island though some experts as suggesting it might have been a meteor or comet strike. Others have wondered if this event has something to do with the attack on a North Korean uranium refining facility and the disapearance of a Russian nuclear submarine.

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