London Iceberg?
Overview: Ice Berg and Strange Soldiers attack in London, turned by Soldiers, government denial of the incident
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OOC: The huge headline is followed by a massive picture, front page below the fold, showing an almost oil-tanker-sized block of ice floating down the Thames River, right in front of Westminister Palace and the famous Clock Tower, aka Big Ben. There are shadowy shapes within the ice.

Early morning light fell across the Thames today in London, revealing a gigantic ice floe, captured above just before the arrival of Harbor Patrol forces to escort the huge block of ice out of the Thames and into London Harbor. Investigation has proven that there are ten figures, each estimated to stand about eight and a half feet tall, apparently wearing some form of golden armor, trapped within the ice.

On a potentially related note, several eyewitnesses reported the sudden arrival of two dozen heavily armored soldiers on the site of Charing Cross, just north of Downing Street and the Palace. The soldiers engaged what those same witnesses described as several large armored figures marching down the street towards the government buildings and complexes, right over the attempted intervention of London police and special intervention forces. The soldiers engaged with what has been described as various incredible weapons, including energy canons and various other seeming metahuman attacks, before one soldier managed to freeze one of the figures. Eyewitnesses claim this seemed to turn the tide of the battle, and the soldiers froze up the rest of the armored figures and two of them then pushed the huge ice floe down the road and into the river, while the rest immediately extracted by helicopter.

Most concerning, however, is the fact that all branches of the British military services deny having sent any personnel to assist in the security of London last night. Obviously, a further investigation is underway.

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