Gorillas in Midst
Gorilla Infestation
Overview: Two gigantic gorillas rampage at Central Park Zoo - the situations is eased by Red Sonja and Black Knight
OOC Contact: Black Knight.

10-16-14 An article talking about the problem with Gorilla's in the city, comparing them to sewer gators, is released today following an episode at Central Park Zoo. Two gorillas were somehow affected such that they grew to some 10-12' in height and rampaged at the zoo. Two figures came quickly to the zoo before anyone could be hurt. One a bikini-clad red-haired warrioress that has been showing up in various internet clips slinging a sword to great affect. The other is a man recently arrived from England going by the mantle Black Knight, also slinging a sword during the confrontation with the monsterous beasts. As the red-haired warrior stayed to confront one large gorilla, she left when the beasts were soothed - one by her, the other by repeated injection from elephant tranquilizers. She left the scene as Marvel Girl arrived to help lifted the Gorillas to a medical holding facility at the NYU medical campus, Black Knight joined her atop a flying horse to escort the gorillas for treatment. The gorillas are undergoing treatment for radiation sickness that is somehow connected with their sudden growth.

OOC: Black Knight

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