Gold Speedsters
Army of Golden Speedsters
Overview: More videos of golden armored aliens
OOC Contact: Power Woman.

Several videos appear from different accounts on different sites, all purporting to show the defeat of a group of the mysterious armored alien menaces that have been continuing to crop up around the world and endanger people. This time, a group of eight of these folks (shocktroopers of Mongo) are shown being summarily defeated in spectacular fashion, as a swarming army of dozens of identical golden-clad speedsters beset upon them, tearing away bits of armor, distracting them, tripping them, and finally shorting out their armor quite explosively. Just as quickly - and blurringly - as the swarm of speedsters appeared, they then proceed to zoom off in a multitude of directions and disappear. The attack in question is purported to have happened in Constantinople.

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