Glass Monster Destroyed
Heroines Destroy Glass Monster
Overview: Moon Maiden/Black Canery fights Monster in Battery Park
OOC Contact: Black Canary


The normally busy Battery Park area got a tourist of an unexpected sort when a human-like monster seemingly made from glass went on a rampage. The creature was destroyed by international superheroine Moon Maiden and a then unknown blonde woman riding a motorcycle. Afterwards, Moon Maiden and her ally stopped for chili dogs and rootbeer floats at Nathaniel's, a mainstay of the area. The Moon Maiden introduced the blonde woman to the crowd as Black Canary. It is unknown if this Black Canary has any connection to the Black Canary that fought crime in Gotham, New Jersey in the 1980s. Police have no word on what the glass monster was or why it was rampaging. Efforts to contact Moon Maiden for a comment have gone unanswered.

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