Ghost Tube
Motorcyclist on Fire?
Overview: Video of man on fire on motorcycle making the rounds
OOC Contact: Ghost Rider

(This video is linked into a few creepypasta threads, mostly with responses of 'cool story bro!' and 'nice effects')

The video shows several teenagers in a field not far from a road, chitchatting in the early evening. There's a caption which states the location, not far outside NYC. As the teenagers talk, one frowns, standing up and shading his eyes. "Hey, hey, what is that? Check that out."

The camera pans around towards the road, where an odd light can be seen, Faintly the sound of an engine can also be heard, growing louder. "That's some weird s**t there," comes from off camera, then one of the girls gasps. "Oh my GOD!" as the cycle comes into view. The visual is shaky, and the motorcycle is -booking- it — but even with the camera resolution it's clear that the motorcycle, and the rider, are -on fire-. Flame streams from the rider's head — a head that looks horribly barren of features — and the wheels leave a trail of flame that gutters out only after several moments. In a flash, the fiery form is gone, the roar of the engine fading away.

"Dude. What the ?! WHAT THE ?!" and flavors of such are audible. "Was that guy on fire? " "I think he was. I got a shot of his head and…" "What?" "It's a skull, man! It's the freakin' Headless Horseman, except he's got his head back!" At that point, the video cuts out.

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