Genoshan Overthrow
Genoshan Government Overthrown
Overview: Following metahuman slavery and loss of contact with the island, comms resumed, Genosha Overthrown
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5/20/2014 - Communications have resumed with the Genosha. The island nation had been previously "off the grid" after reports surfaced that the Genoshan government propogated an institution of metahuman slavery. During the blackout Genoshan ports were iced over and aircraft attempting to enter Genoshan airspace were mysteriously turned around.

It is now clear that the blackout was the result of an invasion of the island by outside, mostly metahuman forces that deposed the Genoshan government. Footage of the invasion, already being dubbed 'the Metahuman War' by some has been obtained by famed investigative journalist Trish Tilby. The footage seems to show a form of battle in which conventional weapons are next to useless in the face of metahuman powers. One clip, released online, shows the rifles of a platoon of Genoshan soldiers simply falling apart in their hands.

The forces of the coup, led by a man who has been identified as Maxwell Eisenhardt, a naturalized citizen of the United States, have seemingly captured the Genoshan capital and taken the president and his cabinet prisoner. Mr. Eisdenhardt has released a statement indicating he will address the world regarding the actions of his invasion force later today.

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