Genoshan Ambassador
Genoshan Ambassador Arrives
Overview: Wanda Maximoff arrives as UN Ambassador for Genosha
OOC Contact: Wanda Maximoff

(AP) NEW YORK - In a step towards normalcy in the nation-state of Genosha, the new United Nations Ambassador from that country has arrived to represent the new regime led by "Magneto." The Ambassador is one Wanda Maximoff, best known for being a metahuman who had sought political asylum in the United States from the former regime, and was living in the United States for the three years prior to this appointment. Rumors have it that she, with other metahumans, were instrumental in freeing the enslaved metahumans of that country and liberating them from the so-called tyranny of the previous government. In a brief public statement, she noted that she was glad to be back in the United States and that she was looking forward to representing the new regime to the world.

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