Genosha Protests
Protests Against Genohsa
Overview: National Church of God's Purity protests Genoshan embassy
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6.16.2014 - As protests by the Fathers' Rights Initiative continued for a second day outside the Themyscirian embassy in New York City another protest in front of another embassy began. The National Church of God's Purity began a protest in front of the newly established Genoshan embassy. Some two hundred members of the church showed up Monday morning and began protesting. According to a spokesperson for the Church, their goal is to call for an investigation into what they consider war crimes perpetrated by the metahuman forces, under the command of Maxwell Eisenhardt, against the Genoshan people.

The National Church of God's Purity, also known as the Friends of Humanity, are led by controversial televangelist Reverend William Stryker. Stryker was not at the protest himself.

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