Force Disturbance
Magical Disturbance
Overview: A disturbance in the ley lines from Istanbul
OOC Contact: Hellstrom


For those characters who may be in tune with the fields of magic/ley lines/etc or those that keep their ears to magical spheres/storie, this is for you:

Just outside Istanbul (not Constantinople), Turkey, 3:47am. An undiscovered crypt was exposed during a significant electrical storm that sparked out of nowhere and disappeared as quickly. Witnesses report that a woman wearing what could be described as Victorian garb was spotted standing in a copse of trees atop a hill. She was reported as reaching up to the heavens and considered praying when all around her lightning struck the ground. She disappeared into the hillside and emerged shortly after holding what was described as an archer's bow. The woman herself was listed as being in her mid 30s, standing just over 5.5 feet, dark hair with fair skin. The witnesses were unable to discern anything noteable about the woman other than the glow of her eyes being feint blue. They stayed well away from the situation for fear of their lives.
The crypt was noted as being that of a famed Constantinapole warrior named Kurikisoal who played a major role in the domination and expansion of the Constantinople/Ottoman empire.

What sages and those that understand magical history may discern is that the bow itself is a great artifact which can penetrate magical wards/shields without effort and kill the target which the arrow strikes upon impact. The bow will then convey the power of the target to that of the archer. Additionally, the woman identity in question is still yet unknown.

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