Fire Harvest
Fire Claims Several Stories
Overview: A fire causes damage in Gramercy Park, Outsiders respond
OOC Contact: Black Lightning, Topaz.

A fire on December 2nd raged in a residential tower in the vicinity of Gramercy Park. What seemingly started by a delivery truck, making its way towards one of the bridges, ended up as a case of arsony. The fire ran up the residential units, spurned by the arsons working from inside the fire, of the old building. It damaged most of the units on those floors. Curiously enough for as bad as this fire was, officials seemed more surprised to report there were no casualities sustained during the fire.
Early in the fire, Outsiders Black Lightning and Topaz showed up, doing something to help the spread of the fire. This reported after Topaz chanted and drew shapes in the air with a hand. Afterwhich, both flew into the building. Several men in fire proof suits were turned over to the authorities as the culprits, using their suits as flamethrowers.

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