Film Crew
Film Crew Attacked
Overview: Skyway attacked, Elasta-girl and Power Woman save day
OOC Contact: Kara

Downtown Metropolis was witness to an apparent terrorist attack today, as explosions ripped the southern Central Low skyway from its morings, and nearly collapsed it to the street below. Thankfully, lovely actress Rita Farr, now also known as the heroine Elasti-girl, was present. With the help of Metropolis' own Power Woman, the collapse was stopped and temporary repairs were made.

The attack seems to have been engineered as cover for a robbery. The film crew on Ms. Farr's latest movie were demonstrating new StarrWare filming technology based on what a representative is calling 'smart goggles,' which were stolen by thieves. Some of those thieves were captured by Elasti-girl's quick actions, but apparently some of the 'smart goggles' were not recovered. Power Woman gave all credit for the day's heroics to Elasti-girl, and spoke quite highly of her efforts.

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