Father's Day Protest
Overview: Father protest women's rights at Themyscirian embassy
OOC Contact: Winsome

6.15.2014 - The normally tranquility of the Themyscirian embassy was interupted today by massive protest. Several hundred members of the Father's Right Initiative (otherwise known as FRIday's Warriors) gathered in front of the embassy holding placards and chanting slogans advancing their agenda.

"In the eagerness of the world to embrace the right's of women they have trampeled on the rights of men!" said group spokesperson, Akimbo Sawyer, "Men deserve a say in the life or death or adoption of their unborn children. Domestic violence against men is underreported and ignored when it is reported. Taxes are disproportionally used to treat women's health issues. Men are more likely to receive harsher prison sentences than women. Time and time again, men receive the short end of the stick and we are here, in front of this symbol of exclusion and bigotry against men to say NO MORE!"

Sawyer said the group plans to protest in front of the embassy "indefinately". The Themyscirian embassy has not yet issued a comment on the protests.

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