Exhibit Explodes
Overview: Explosion at the Gotham Museum of Natural History destroys Greek artifacts
OOC Contact: Winsome

10.3.2014 - A priceless exhibit formerly on display at the Gotham Museum of Natural History is no more. Featuring artifacts related to the gods of ancient Greece from the glory days of Athens and Sparta, the exhibit was ground zero for an explosion Thursday night. Unfortunately, most of the artifacts in the exhibit, on loan from a number of Greek museums, were destroyed in the disaster. Authorities are blaming a faulty gas main below the museum for the explosion. Museum officials are currently in crisis mode and are in discussions with the Greek ambassador on how to proceed now that several priceless Greek artifacts are no more. Some witnesses to the explosion reported an orange shockwave that eminated outward from the museum but authorities believe that this was an optical illusion created by the gasses present.

OOC: This post opens our THEME OF THE MONTH, which will be posted about on +bboard 5. Anyone investigating the museum explosion will discover that this was, indeed, an actual accident - a result of Gotham's crumbling infrastructure needing some serious repair.

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