Island Nation Enslaves Metahumans
Overview: Genosha enslaves Meta Humans
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5/7/2014 - The people of the world were shocked today when a story was published in Time Magazine by investigative journalist Trish Tilby. In the story Tilby provided documents and photographs that seem to prove that Genosha, an island nation located off the eastern coast of Africa, is openly practicing a modern form of slavery. According to the story Genosha has a policy of enslavement of any citizen that displays metahuman abilities. Photographs published alongside the story show images of people, some of them visibly mutated, in orange jumpsuits and mechanical collars performing manual labor under harsh conditions. The article alleges that the collars are a method of control, allowing overseers to either electrocute the metahuman slaves as punishment or detonate as a method of execution.

Genosha is famous for being named as part of the "Axis of Evil" by President George W Bush in 2002, alongside Iran, North Korea, Bialya and Zandia. In 2005, Genosha demonstrated it had nuclear weapons capability. At present, Genosha is still a member of the United Nations but is suffering under economic and political sanctions from the United States and European Union.

A spokesperson for Genosha denies the charges of slavery insisting that the photographs are not of slaves but of legitimate prisoners of the state performing labor as part of their criminal punishment. The collars, the spokesperson insists, are not for punishment or execution but part of a GPS system to ensure the prisoners do not escape.

The United States State Department has issued a press release insisting they take these charges of slavery very seriously and are investigating the situation.

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