Televangelist Proclaims Doomsday
Overview: Reverend William Stryker proclaims doomsday
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4/19/2014 - Famous televangelist Reverend William Stryker, head of the National Church of God's Purity, proclaimed that recent disasters in North Korea, the Pacific Ocean, Howland Island, Iran and an Israeli Oil Platform were proof of God's wrath returning to Earth to punish the wicked.

"In the 40s we proved our righteousness by battling the Satan's evil in the form of godless Nazi Germany, Catholic fascist Italy and heaten Imperial Japan. As reward for our valor the good Lord removed the obscene and impure from our midst. These so-called superhumans, corrupted in their very genes by Satan's power. Now, though, our wickedness has allowed them to return. We have strayed from the principles of the Bible - allowing women to act as men and men to lie with men. Broadcasting filth through the airwaves. Denying good men the right to protect their own homes. Denying the Biblical roots of our nation. And because of this, Satan has found his way back into the world and corrupted our children with deformed DNA making them into freaks. Satan has brought demons to this Earth in the form of "alien saviors" who tempt children with their large bossoms and disgustingly sexual costumes. Satan has made witchcraft and the occult "cool". And, my friends, we are going to be punished for it. The Great Devourer of Worlds is on his way to our shores and he will signal the beginning of the end of days. You have been warned. Pray to God for your salvation."

Styker delivered this call to arms to the faithful during his the first episode of his new, daily television program, the Friends of Humanity Club.

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