Dock Fire 2
Dock Fire; Arson
Overview: Follow up on recent dock fires
OOC Contact: Cyberdragon

Dock Fire; Arson

The Dock Fire at Warehouse 13 has been deemed Arson by investigators. Video footage show a number of masked men planting what investigators have confirmed are Thermite Mines in various locations on the west side of the Warehouse.

Video footage shows them running from the area where the fires escape, which then erupted out of control. Consuming the Warehouse, The Fire damage has consumed a lot of property estimated in over 50 million dollars in losses.
Hisuthorities are still unsure as to the presence of the Creature that emerged from the fire and plunged into the Harbor area.

An Anonymous source Posting on various web pages, has branded the figure a demon, a devil straight out of hell has escaped into the city. And warns New Yorkers to beware the Demon of hell that possesses people and condemns their souls to hell.

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