Dock Fire
Dock Fire, Fiery Creature Spotted
Overview: Fires rip through Warehouse Thirteen, fiery creature spotted
OOC Contact: Cyberdragon

Accident in the Docks, Fire Creature Sighted.

In New York Docks Warehouse Thirteen, An explosion ripped through a number of Transport containers, investigation are still underway. A massive Fire ripped through the warehouse catching numerous crates on fire.

A number of civilians where hurt, with reports of at least one casualty. Who has yet to be identified or located. The Civilian was attempting to help assist injured when an explosion, had knocked him into a crate. A few eye witness reported indicated that the contents of the Crate, some sort of large object actually enveloped the Victim.

At which point Fire erupted into the area. After fire fighter's managed to suppress the majority of the blaze after several hours, eyewitness account and video footage show a larger than man sized creature bursting out of the inferno, spreading burning wings and then taking off into the sky, before diving into the Harbor.

((Imagines are fuzzy but shows a vaguely Demonic looking image of a humanoid figure with large bat wings that are used to take to the sky.))

Police and investigators have found no body in the Harbor, and are tight lipped on speculation of what this new creature could be. Nor are inclined to comment on the possibility of the creature being responsible for the blaze.

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