Disaster Bungled
"Heroes" Bungle Disaster
Overview: Metahuman brawl in Hell's Kitchen causes more damage then doing good
OOC Contact: Winsome

5.29.2014 - The derailment of a cargo train in Clinton and Midtown West, more popularly known as Hell's Kitchen, was made worse tonight by the interference of several so called "superheroes". Instead of allowing first responders to do their job and help the people injured by the accident, several costumed individuals chose to make the site the location of a metahuman brawl. Witnesses state that a reptillian giant being called Blockbuster by the internet stumbled out of the derailed train, at which point he was assaulted by the urban vigilante known as the Punisher, a red haired woman in a metal bikini wielding a sword and a man moving so quickly he could not be seen. Witnesses also place a woman with a golden glow and the Los Angeles heroine known as Hummingbird on scene. It is unknown what role these two women had in the incident, though Hummingbird may have endanged several lives by moving the injured to a hospital without proper immobilization. The metahuman fight left the street in tatters, doing damage that will cost the taxpayers of New York City thousands of dollars.

Government officials moved in quickly after the fight was over to arrest Blockbuster and clean up the accident site.

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