Death Watch
Death on Watch
Overview: Heroes save all but one in building collapse
OOC Contact: Nightcrawler.


New construction in Times Square collapses into adjacent Studio. A new extension atop on of the buildings in Times Square collapsed today, careening into a neighboring studio during normal morning media mayhem in times square. The collapse left construction works trapped in the rigging as well as several studio guests and media personalities in the neighboring building. Super Heroes arrived to help as responders were laboring to stabilize the buildings, lacking time with continued instability, both heroes went to the groups to save them.

One all in black (Black Panther) saved all but one from the studio while a blue devil (Nightcrawler) helped construction works. For all the good done by the two, the media seems to focus on the one victim of this building collapse despite how many more would of died if not for the heroic intervention.

OOC: Contact Nightcralwer or Black Panther

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