Gala Held Up
Charity Gala Holdup
Overview: Technology/Tech Job Training charity fundraiser held up - stopped by vigilantes
OOC Contact: Power Woman or Black Canary

May 5th, 2014 —

A star- and celebutante-studded charity gala, attended by the rich and powerful of Gotham City, including key figures from some of the City's biggest employers, was held Monday evening at the Gotham Convention Center. The event was sponsored by StarrWare, Inc, and hosted by Ms. Karen Starr, the science and programming wunderkind who founded the company, still attending Metropolis University in pursuit of an advanced Engineering degree. The event was intended to benefit a newly established charity focused on providing technology and tech job training to the unemployed and underemployed in the city, and assisting them in finding jobs.

Unfortunately, the event drew the attention of some of Gotham's underworld, and the event was held up by a gang of apparently twelve heavily armed perpetrators, who disabled power for the building and locked everything down, holding the notables of the audience and the staff hostage while seeking to rob them.

Reports indicate that one of Gotham City's noted vigilantes, the mysterious Black Canary, may have been responsible for stopping this. What is known is that a powerful sonic weapon was deployed, knocking unconscious perpetrators and hostages alike. GCPD breached the convention center to find everyone unconscious, but largely unharmed. The GCPD spokesman said that the crisis intervention team gave all due credit to Ms. Starr for some quick thinking, calling them for help and providing detailed video and other information which enabled their rapid response to the crisis.

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