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Captain America Memorial Day Speech
Overview: Captain America goes public with memorial day speech
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A televised appearance by Captain America Monday at the Memorial Day ceremonies held at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. After the President performed the traditional wreath laying, and gave his own speech, the Living Legend of World War II stepped up to the podium:

"Good afternoon, my fellow Americans. Today many people will enjoy a day off from work. They will gather with friends and families for a backyard cookout, or the start of the summer action movie season. In between those Nathan's with mustard, or those JuJuBes, I would ask that people take a moment to remember what the day is about. A moment to honor the people who served and sacrificed to preserve our liberty, our way of life. The people who made commitments to an ideal that gave them the courage to put the nation's collective safety and comfort ahead of their own."

"Remember, too, that these were ordinary, everyday people without powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men. They did not bend steel in their bare hands, or change the course of mighty rivers. They did not do whatever a spider can. Nothing happened if they talked to fish."

"But still, without flying, or controlling energy or the elements, and without even a utility belt - they fought for what they believed was right. They did it long before I came along, and they'll be doing it long after the most powerful superhero hangs up his mask and cape. In the words of Keith Richards and Michael Jagger:"

"Say a prayer for the common foot soldier
Spare a thought for his back breaking work
Say a prayer for his wife and his children
Who burn the fires and who still till the earth"

"So please, take a moment today to remember those who served, and those they left behind. Because all gave some, but some gave all."

"Thank you, and good afternoon."

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