Brooklyn Bridge
Monster Attacks Brooklyn Bridge
Overview: Giant Lizard comes out of East River, defeated by heroes and contained by SHIELD
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4/22/2014 - The Brooklyn Bridge was destroyed today when a giant, lizard-like monster rose from the waters of the East River and crashed through it. The monster, which witnesses say bore a passing resemblence to the famous film beast Godzilla, proceeded onto shore and began to decimate several blocks worth of portyard and warehouses.

New York's bravest and finest, the NYPD and FDNY worked together to evacuate the remnants of the bridge as well as the citizens of New York within several blocks of the monster's location.

Our emergency responders may have been assisted in this by the arrival of several so-called "metahumans" on the scene. However, the way the metahumans engaged the monster in combat may have only served to further enrage the beast and cause more destruction. According to footage of the event Power Woman, Moon Maiden, some sort of living comet woman, an unnamed female flying metahuman, and some sort of military stealth jet all battled the monster. Eventually, the monster was drawn out to sea but not before leaving roughly ive square blocks of Manhattan and much of the docks on the Lower East side in ruins. Very little is left of the proud and storied Brooklyn Bridge itself beyond a few sad, broken supports and a great deal of debris. Needless to say both the bridge and the East River are closed today, seriously impacting both traffic and New York City commerse. The mayor has declared a state of emergency for that portion of the city.

This monster attack was not without bright spots, however. As cars were dredged from the water those trapped inside describe being overwhelmed by a sense of calm and peace. In addition, two witnesses, an older gentleman and his grandson, described their rescue by a decidedly "unsuper" hero.

"We were trapped on the bridge and this man, dressed in a fedora and trenchcoat like in grandpa's old back and white movies, came and saved us! First me and then he came back for grandpa!" The brave young man said, describing his rescuer. Combined, these incidents only serve to prove the valor and bravery of the normal everyday citizen of our fair city.

SHIELD has announced that the monster in question has been captured and the threat eliminated.

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