Bridge Reconstruction
Bridge Reconstruction Ahead of Schedule
Overview: Bridge Reconstruction Aided by Superheroes
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4/25/2014 - Just days after the monster attack on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, experts from construction firm Damage Control estimate that reconstruction of the Brooklyn Bridge has already reached fifty percent.

"We've had generous support from Stark Enterprises. They provided materials and some experimental new technology that speeds up construction." Marie Hoag, CEO of Damage Control said to reporters, "In addition, we've had help in reconstruction from several superheroes, including Power Woman, Moon Maiden and a young woman calling herself Marvel Girl. You'd be surprised at how much faster things go when you can sink an entire bridge support as a single piece instead of building it section by section."

Ms. Hoag went on to assure reporters that the aid of the superheroes and Stark Enterprises means the bill to the New Jersey/New York Port Authority will be lower than expected.

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