Bombs Day
Bombs and the Museum
Overview: Several bank bombings, and a theft foiled by Topaz and Black Lightning
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.

9/25/2014 -

Today in the Bugle, two separate articles.

One detailing three bank bombings that happened consecutively in the boroughs. In Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, three banks were bombed at precisely the same time, several people injured and in critical condition but no deaths. Several Outsiders came to help search while responders helped injured and combated fires.

At the Museum of Natural History, a precious artifact was briefly taken from the vaults. A bomb used to open it, the heist was preplanned such that the bomb was the first indication there were intruders. Topaz alongside Black Lightning of the Outsiders defeated Cheshire and Dwarfstar as they fled. They were picked up by authorities on a nearby rooftop.

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