Blackout Comm
Genosha in Communications Blackout
Overview: All communications with Genosha have ceased
OOC Contact: Winsome

5/9/2014 - Communications with the island nation of Genosha have ceased. The nuclear power, recently revealed by a Time Magazine expose as a nation with an organized system of metahuman slavery, was seemingly cut-off from the world at midnight 5.8.2014, local time. All forms of communication have been cut off including land lines, cellular signals, radio waves, and internet. Genosha's multiple ports have been frozen over, an unlikely occurance given Genosha's location off the coast of Africa. Sources inside one African government states that a recon aircraft sent into Genoshan airspace has vanished. The United States government and the United Nations have no comment at this time though the Genoshan ambassador to Russia, currently the highest ranking Genoshan official outside the island nation, has declared that his nation is under attack and demands the governments of the world do something to free her people.

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