Blue Imps on the Loose
Overview: Half baked reports of blue 'imps' crop up around the world
OOC Contact: Nightcrawler.


Starting around October 3rd, random sightings of 'blue imps' have gone viral on crypto zoological sites (those places that talk about big foot, loch ness monster, the jersey devil, and so on). Rumors of strange portals opening up and depositing these short (2-3 foot tall) blue furry imps. Like all unclassified crypto zoological critters, these come complete with their own allusive means of why they are hard to find or catch, stating they simply disappear in shadows. The sightings say they come in to cause a little mayhem, not unlike alleged poltergeists, with throwing things at people and breaking stuff, followed by them disappearing to never be seen again. Unlike other crypto zoological critters, these ones talk and can be vulgar and crude to the person they choose to ‘haunt’ or ‘prey’ upon. No official confirmation of the blue imp (most likely never will be), but it seems to be randomly global in its spread.

OOC: These are Bamfs, contact Nightcrawler if curious.

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