Ballroom Blitzkrieg
Overview: Furious assault at posh hotel, heroes respond
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The charity gala fundraiser for the New York City Communities Foundation, held in the grand ballroom of the Marriott Marquis, was interrupted by an attack by as-yet unidentified assaillants. Several hotel security staff were murdered, and dozens of people were injured to a lesser degree during the furious assault that has left one of Manhattan's most magnificent hotels severely damaged, and shut down the power grid for several blocks. Repair crews are still struggling to restore power and replace damaged electrical components after a pair of intense electromagnetic spikes were apparently set off as part of self-destruct mechanisms embedded in the armor of these mysterious attackers.

Reports indicate that several heroes responded to this crisis in development, including attendee Tony Stark, who suited up with a briefcase-portable Iron Man armor and engaged the attackers in a roof-access stairwell. Other figures reported include the mysterious Gotham vigilante Batman and his reputed partner, Robin, a figure some identified as young New York City heroine Spidergirl, and Metropolis' Power Woman. Rumors also hol that another, as yet unidentified young woman assisted but was then carried off scene by Power Woman, presumably for medical treatment.

Repairs to the Marriott Marquis are expected to take at least the week to complete. All requests for more information on this incident have been met with statements offering little in the way of details. But the Daily Bugle is pursuing all leads to find answers to this heinous attack. The New York City Communities Foundation has indicated that despite this incident, the fundraiser was an amazing success, with donations totaling over fifty million dollars, with several very large donations credited to Stark Enterprises, The Wayne Foundations, and StarrWare, Incorporated.

OOC: Thanks to Fairchild, Batman, Robin, Spidergirl and Iron Man for participating. Questions or investigations by +req to Ultimate

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