Armory Damaged in Explosion
Overview: Army Depot in Manhattan damaged by 'light' explosion
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The 69th Infantry Armory on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan was significantly damaged Friday night by what witnesses are calling a 'detonation of light'. Hundreds of people were evacuated from the building just minutes before the explosion by what they report were 'soldiers', though the authorities cannot identify who these soldiers were or what they were doing at the night's major charity gala fashion show.

The fashion show was apparently interrupted not first by the soldiers, but instead by the arrival of four very large golden armored figures, each standing almost ten feet tall, wielding incredible power and glowing blue-white energy weapons. As these figures burst into the armory, witnesses say that black-garbed soliders rushed in and started directing them forcefully to leave the building. Whatever else these soldiers may have done, they also engaged the golden armored warriors, preventing any known deaths, though some serious injuries were suffered.

Less than a minute after the last of the civilians cleared the armory building, a 'detonation of light' rippled outward from the armory, incinerating sections of the roof of the structure and sending a rain of ash down over a ten block area. After the explosion, no sign could be found of the golden armored figures, or the soldiers. Spokesman for the Pentagon declared that there were no active duty military on site in New York City.

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