Embassy Attack
Attack at Themysciran Embassy
Overview: Cyberdragon attacks Embassy
OOC Contact: Cyberdragon or Wonder Woman

4/27/2014 - The Themysciran Embassy was the site of a battle today with Visitors reporting what they could only describe by some as a Cyborg Dragon, crashing through the wall of the Embassy pursued by three armored figures.

Photographs from various cameras Show three Silver Armored Suits similar to the Famed Iron man armor only farm more bulky and angular.

Reports indicated when Challenged the Suits of armor unleashed a number of Missiles or Rockets that Flied around erratically, striking random targets. Two suits of armor began attacking the Embassy and Embassy Staff and Visitors while a Third Continued to engage the Cyberdragon as some called it.

Reports indicate that Embassy Staff and The Ambassador, Diana AKA Wonder Woman Succeeded in defeating the Trio of Armored suits taking three pilots captives, although the Cyberdragon is reported to have fled the scene.

Currently Neither the Embassy, nor The Ambassador herself have made official comments, claiming investigations are incomplete, and it is too early to make a confirmed Assessment of the situation.

Those injured and wounded during the attack where provided Medical Care at the Embassy it's self.

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