Airship Disaster Averted!
Overview: Two blimps collide - two heroines save the passengers
OOC Contact: Moon Maiden or Ultragirl

4/9/2014 - Disaster was averted today when two superheroines stepped in to prevent two Gotham Police Department blimps from crashing. The two blimps crashed into each other after the pilot of one craft suffered a heart attack while the two were performing a complicated docking manuever. The gas bags of both airships were injured during the crash but, fortunately, two superheroines were on hand to prevent a crash. Famous heroine Moon Maiden and the newer heroine Ultragirl worked together to catch the two GCPD airships and deliver them to an airfield. Emergency personnel were on hand to rush the injured pilot to the hospital. A GCPD spokesperson has stated that the pilot is expected to make a full recovery and the two airships will be repaired and back in the air within the month.

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