Aerial Footage
New Video from Aerial
Overview: A video posted by the hero Aerial to the internet, showing a fight involving a mongo shock trooper, and her alongside Domino and Jack Flag fighting the thing.
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- Comments -
(RK) "The new layout sucks! Why would comments be at the top! Change it back!"
=A= "Maybe it works for people who start at the bottom and scroll up! Ha!"
(KC) "Why didn't you blast him with your laser eyes?"
=A= "I don't have laser eyes."
(KC) "So you just fly?"
=A= "Just propane and propane accessories."
(KC) "What?"
=A= "King of the Hill reference. Nevermind."
(JM) "What were you thinking throwing it at the ground! You could
have killed it!"
=A= "I was thinking that might have killed it. I don't dodge lasers well,
and it clearly wasn't human. I was panicky. Suggestion for next time?"
(BG) "Be careful judging what is and isn't human just by appearance."
=A= "Well, I didn't mean just looks. And no offense to aliens."
(JM) "Throw rubble at it or something! Use more gel!"
=A= "And how do I know how fast to throw? Or how big a shot?
It's the same risk either way."
(JM) "You should know though, if you're going to fight!"
(CX) "The technical details of your power seem fascinating."
=A= "Thanks? I had to learn more physics than I wanted to figure out
what was actually happening to me. See s01e04 for more sciency."
(RM) "I don't like you going out like this. You need help."
(RM) "You're sick. You need to take your treatments."
(RM) "I love you. Come back home. We can cure you."
(FY) "=A=, what is (RM) talking about? Are you okay?"
=A= "(RM) is stalking me. She posts like that on every video. Ignore her."
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- Title -
The Aerial View, s02e016: It Hates Astronomy
- Video Description -

Unidentified Gold Soldier Monster
(Video footage of Mongo Trooper from several angles, how it moves, how it reacts.)

Griffin Observatory, Equipment, Main Telescope
(Video of the fight with Aerial, Domino, and Jack Flag. Faces of heroes and civilians are blurred. Mongo Trooper breaks in, but attacks against civilians are incidental towards its advancing on the telescope proper.)

Identified powers:
Flight (Video footage of a rocket belt propelling him at full tilt. Measurements appear indicating max speed demonstrated, max acceleration demosntrated, an estimate of fuel capacity marked with an annotation "This value seems unreasonably small. Supertech?")
Energy Blast (Video footage of the trooper firing his blaster, measurements of how deeply it impacts concrete, metal. How long the beam fires for. How long it takes between shots.)
Teleportation(?) or Self-Destruction(!) (Video of subject disintegrating away while hurling towards impact with the ground.)

Presumed powers:
Durablity (He's big and wears armor.)
Strength (He's big and bulging with what would be muscles if standard anatomy applies.)

Suspected weaknesses:
Mirrors(?) (Blaster seems less effective on metals and reflective surfaces, affected by lenses. Measurement shows deflection where beam passes through display case. Not strictly a conventional laser, glass still breaks.)
Stupid (Did not engage in any speech, did not seem to understand plans discussed in its presence to thwart it.)

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