Asst Dist Attorny Kidnapped
Queens ADA Kidnapped
Overview: Assistant District Attorney Anna Williams of Queens kidnapped
OOC Contact: Karen or Spidey

The following story will be carried in all of the Daily Bugle Communications outlets, with suitable variations on the theme of good ole JJJ's personal bias, on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014:

"Assistant District Attorney Anna Williams, for the burrough of Queens, was kidnapped today, apparently by Spider-Man and several new henchmen."

Some grainy footage is shown here of Spider-Man and three gumbas in suits, one with a cowboy hat on, moving around an open panel van, the figure of a woman visible collapsed within.

"Thankfully, the Woman of Tomorrow, Power Woman, the heroine most often associated with Metroplis, happened upon this travesty, and was able to drive off Spider-Man and his goons, and rescue Mrs. Williams, whom she then delivered to Manhattan General Hospital for cardiac arrest."

"It appears that despite Power Woman's efforts, Spider-Man escaped justice, apparently escaping while she was busy saving ADA Williams' life. The NYPD is still investigating, in hopes of at least tracking down that webbed menace's accomplices."

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