4UTV Announces New Award Category
Overview: Favorite super hero award announced for children's channel awards show
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5/8/2014 - 4UTV, the dominant entertainment network for viewers ages 1-17 in the Unites States has announced a new category as part of their annual 4UAwards presentation. In addition to being able to vote on favorite television series, favorite movie, favorite entertainers and more, views of 4UTV will now be able to vote for their favorite superhero. Viewers will be able to vote for one of the following heroes:

Power Woman
Iron Man
Captain America
Wonder Woman

The 4UAwards are the award program that gives a voice to those considered not old or "mature" enough to vote in real elections. The 4UAwards allows viewers under the age of 18 to tell the world who they think the most important people, events and phenomenon in the last year are. Voting is open now online or via the 4UATV app. You must be under the age of 18 to vote. Don't go online without permission from a parent or guardian. 4UTV is a wholy owned subsidary of LexCorp.

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