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Frozen Turkey Interrupts Parade
Overview: Frozen Turkey rains on Veterans Day Parade in NYC
OOC Contact: Winsome


The annual Veterans Day Parade in New York City was interupted today when a frozen turkey fell from the sky and smashed into the lead parade float. No one was injured. This incident is one of a number of occurances of frozen turkeys falling from the sky worldwide that have happened this month. Meterologists are at a loss to explain why the turkeys are falling from the sky, causing property damage and even injury, but a specialist with the Daily Bugle has suggested that Spider-Man is definately involved.

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Visitors to NYC
Overview: Crown Prince/Princess visit to US - 1st Stop NYC
OOC Contact: Clueless

The Crown Prince and Princess of England are visiting the shores of the US! Due to arrive on 7 December, their itenerary is a whirlwind. First stop, our beautiful city of NYC, and in particular, the Upper East Side. While there, they will be visiting with friends, dignitaries, businessmen and financiers.

15 couples have been invited to dinner with the Prince and Princess, each charged $50,000 a couple.

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They Came to Life
Overview: Control Freak is unleashed upon Gotham!
OOC Contact: Jubilee or Black Knight.

11/7/14 -

An odd story relating to a video rental store in the Westend relates how a man came in, brought items to life in the store because his favorite movie trilogy (Space Wars, I, II, and III) was not on the stores top ten list of all time for best movies ever. From TV's coming to life with menacing faces, to cardboard persons sprining to life, they clerk would of been in trouble if not for the arrival of two heros. One identifed as an Asian-American girl/young woman, the other as the Black Knight. Other than the destruction of some TVs and the animated cardboard cutouts, no one was harmed.

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Mysterious Mysteries
Overview: Various robberies of artifacts
OOC Contact: Hellstorm.


Over the past few weeks, museums and dens of antiquity have reported minor losses of various artifacts, relics, or items of uniqueness. Most (7) of these thefts have occurred within Europe, 2 in Russia, and 4 in China.
To the magical crowd, the items have little to no significance. Most of the items are just named items from history which didn't play a major part in anything substantial. If anything, they could be an article of jewelry, a coin, a bracelet, perhaps the haft of a sword, or nothing more than a naval sextant.
However; these items may be of no consequence to the general community, those in the know, those with the keen eye and awareness that there are more things afoot than suspected. Those people may know that Allura (or someone of greater power) is up to something. Most likely Allura, since the thefts started when she came back into being.
Then the report came that an item disappeared from the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. The item was a simple Quill Pen from the 1800s that was reported owned by Frederick Douglass.

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