Ic Game Info

This page defines In Character (IC) game information. Things your character is likely to know.

Genosha is an island off the east coast of Africa, recently found (late spring/early summer 2014) to have been enslaving metahumans, heroes and metahumans alike joined cause with the enslaved. It has new government and elected leader that is metahumn as well, Magneto. It has an ambassador to represent its needs with the UN, Wanda Maximoff.

Themyscira is a real 'lost' island. It has since 'returned' and, as well, has an ambassador representative with the UN.

Space has more stuff than we previously imagined, with some aliens having come to earth and living among us. Likewise, the Justice League seems to have pushed the boundaries of science with an observational floating space platform designed to help them in their mission to protect the earth.

SHIELD is a UN sponsored group to help with its mission to ensure safety and protections of the citizens of the world from despots, tyrants, and bad governments.

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